Friday, September 26, 2014

"You're Golden". . .

“You’re Golden” was such a beautiful theme for the Maiedae Mixer. Being in a room full of women who have realized that their ideas are beautiful and unique was so inspiring. I’ve struggled through periods where I didn’t have self-confidence and wouldn’t share my ideas because I had fears like I “wasn’t as creative as so-and-so, and this is a dumb idea.” This weekend changed so much for me. Seeing so many other women be bold and have that confidence to blog and share ideas was so inspiring. I left the Maiedae Mixer with so many ideas and ways to grow my business even more. Plus, it was SUCH a fun night. Kendall Kay was my assistant (and I am forever grateful to her for that, she was amazing!) and we worked and took so many photographs, but also got to have the time of our lives. Everything was just so breath taking. The way that the light shone in through the big tall windows was my favorite. It gave me such an awesome setting to shoot in.

The florals were definitely a favorite for me. I absolutely love flowers, and the ones that Logan put together were *amazing*. The space was filled with airy neutrals, but the blooms of those flowers just made everything even more perfect and vibrant. 

The interactive booths were SO much fun. Kendall and I spent so much time creating. My favorites were the Flash Tattoo’s (they were gold tattoos in the shapes of jewelry!) and the Indie Craft stamp booth. I made a little tea towel with plus signs all over it. They also had a tea booth where you could make your own bag of tea and a name-tag creating booth. It was too much fun ;)

 Meeting Savannah and Jenny was another favorite. It was so fun to see someone that I have followed on Instagram for forever, and to actually meet them and get to know them better. Joy was just radiating from their faces all night, and I knew very quickly how special this event was going to be. They were so much fun to work with, and it was so amazing to see their passion for Maiedae!

 And, we have to save the best for last, right?! Well the Smilebooth takes the cake. It was so great to just take hilarious pictures that capture personalities so beautifully. Im not sure what it is, but photo booths have a way of bringing people together. I think it is the carefree, be-yourself moments. I love all of our smile booth pictures. It was truly the best night ever. I can’t wait to go back! There was so much more I could’ve blogged about, but this is already the longest blog post ever, SO. That is why I just highlighted my favorite parts. I just HAD to share about this absolutely breath-taking experience I had this past weekend in Atlanta. It helped grow me and forever change who I am as a photographer. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Findings in Atlanta. . .

Atlanta has been just lovely so far. I have spent time exploring around sweet little towns and shops. I stopped at Bar Taco for lunch, and I fell in love. The outside patio area was amazing. Today was gorgeous outside, so sitting under the little lights with the cool breeze was absolutely perfect. It felt like a little coastal taco place. I had three amazing tacos and some peach green tea. The reason why I went to Bar Taco to begin with (this is definitely the photographer in me) was for the incredible painted blue wall outside. It was so inspiring. The color palate was insane. Definitely would come back here when I visit again!
My Very Fine South bag that Ian got me at the Indie Craft Parade was a must-have for this weekend. Plus, doesn't it look awesome against this wall?! The durability and size has impressed me so much. It is coated in a bees wax for added protection, and it is super durable. My laptop and camera fit perfectly inside. Very thankful that I picked this up! The dip-dyed look is a favorite. 
North Highland Ave. NE was the sweetest little stop for a mid-afternoon coffee. Paper Source was AMAZING. The paper looked like fabric at first (it was such good quality), and I had to run out of there before I bought everything in sight. So much inspiration in there as well. I stopped at San Fransisco Coffee for a blogging break (yay!), and am about to run out and get some truffles from the little Chocolate Shop down the road. Can't wait until the Maiedae Mixer tonight! Only 3 more hours! Get ready for photo-overload (or, is that even possible when it is the Maiedae Mixer? You can never have too many photographs of amazing events!).

Friday, September 19, 2014

"You're Golden" Inspired Camera Strap. . .

This weekend is going to be one of the best for this fall. I just know it. I have the opportunity to photograph the Maiedae Mixer in Atlanta this weekend. It is a huge event filled with so many good connections, learning experiences, and will definitely be a fun girl's night out (even though I'm working, it most definitely will not feel like work). Kendall Kay gets to come with me and be my assistant. YAY! I can't wait to spend time in Atlanta with her. Best friends are awesome. The theme for this year's Maiedae Mixer is "You're Golden." I wanted to find ways to creatively incorporate gold into my outfit, and because I will be photographing most of my time there, I wanted to make sure that my camera strap was golden too. So, here it is!!!! Be ready for an overload of *amazing* moments from being in the city this weekend. It is seriously going to be so incredible. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Carrot Stamped Tee

I decided to take the morning off since the last couple of days have been just so crazy! It was so much fun to put together a DIY, I have been needing sweet outfits for the beach this weekend, and I think this shirt ended up being perfect. The thought of using grated carrots to stamp and make a print just randomly came into my head this morning as I was making my oatmeal and looking in the fridge for some milk. I saw my little container of carrots and it just hit me that it would work perfectly for a stamp! I had an old white t-shirt that I've been throwing around ideas for, and this finally sounded perfect. After I cut the carrot in half, I  grated it to make it more of a rough, wood look. I used a new half of a carrot for each row just to give it some variety. It didn't take too long, and was super, super easy. Im so excited to take this to Hilton Head this weekend! If you have a neutral tee, be sure to give this a try!
All you need are carrot sticks, a cheese grater, some fabric paint, and a neutral tee!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Lifestyle Sessions. . .

This session was one of the most incredible experiences I've had this year with photography. It was one of those growing moments for me. I left this session with a mind flooded with ideas and excitement for what is to come. Life has been so beautiful lately. I think being done with school for 6 months really helps ;) But, I am very excited to introduce to you for the first time this fall a brand new kind of session that will take your breath away. I am calling them lifestyle sessions. My heartbeat behind this new kind of session is to capture the moments that make your kids smile, giggle, and laugh the most. For these sweet littles, Emma and Ruby are obsessed with playing dress-up, baby dolls, and dancing to pretty music. I feel as though the sweetest moments are ones that happen when your kids are doing what they absolutely love. Because, isn't that true for all of us? Their little genuine smiles throughout this whole session reminded me of the joys of life. The times when Jesus gives us opportunities to just be ourselves, and to express the beautiful personalities He has given each of us. For these two, nothing was more exciting than dreaming of being a princess and playing with baby dolls. I can't get over the sweetness of this session. I am excited to explore new opportunities this fall with YOUR littles. Whether it is pretending to be Buzz Lightyear or cooking in the kitchen, I am excited to capture those genuine life-moments that you will never forget. So, say hello with me to lifestyle sessions! And, happy weekend!!!!
P.S. Only 10 more days until Photography by Meg kicks off with a brand new website. I'm over the moon excited. Can't wait to show you the new branding and what's to come with who I am as a photographer!